Ergotherapy for Motivity, Mindfulness and Awareness

"Ergo" means "work" or "occupation" in Ancient Greek. Therefore, Ergotherapy is also called Occupational Therapy. This method has a purely practical approach. As a recognized holistic healing method it aims at integrating people motorically into a daily life schedule again who suffer from various impairments by illness, injury or other circumstances. Ergotherapeutical treatments do not only strengthen the motivity, but also train awareness and alertness. Children as well as adults benefit from ergotherapeutical methods on an equally high scale.

Ergotherapy and its recognized Treatments

Occupational Therapy hinges on a great variety of basic approaches and treatment methods. Manuel treatments alternate with awareness exercises. We adjust the chosen treatment specifically on each patient and his needs. Neurological impairments often respond well to the Bobath Concept. On the other hand we treat the sequelae of cancer surgery with Lymph Drainage. A patient with rheumatic illnesses is trained to nurse his joints. Ergotherapy and Physiotherapy go hand in hand. It is our special concern to combine several methods professionally in the Mittelpunkt Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy-Center to the benefit of our patients.

Ergotherapy and Children

Children who suffer from neurological impairments often show disruptions and retards in their development. Occupational Therapy is ideal to train their gross and fine motor skills, their balance and awareness. Often a combination of Bobath Therapy and the Integrated Awareness Therapy is the key to enable the little patient to lead a daily life in relative autonomy. Mostly retards in development can be fully compensated by Ergotherapy. Our holistic approach in the Mittelpunkt Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy Center also contributes to our successful ergotherapeutical treatments.